Monday, 9 January 2017

Food and Resources

Given increasing pressure on natural resources and the booming global population, new efficient and reliable methods of food cultivation are required to feed communities located in a multitude of environments.

In today's use of resources we need to incorporate Biomimicry methods and implement sustainable solutions that emulate nature's time-tested patterns and strategies.

We must grow products using processes and policies that are well adapted to maintaining constant sustainable food production, if we are to improve and maintain life on earth into the future.

Biomimicry: an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies.
At IRAFS we firmly believe that we can do more to create better, more productive and more sustainable food production systems.
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Integrated Synergistic Aqua Farming

Closed Containment Aquaculture With Plant Crop Farming 

Closed system aquaculture (CSA) is already providing better ways to farm fish. This involves barrier technologies that ensure no contact between wild and farmed fish, thus eliminating the most negative impacts of fish farming and significantly reducing others. Recent large scale developments have also led to better overall economics.

Adding systems to convert natural waste products (fish manure) into fresh wholesome plant crops available year round could further increase value and returns. This process is known as Aquaponics.

Although similar in some ways to the practice of “Hydroponics” production, there are some very important differences that make an Aquaponic vegetable far superior to a Hydroponic vegetable. Modern Contained Aquaculture could possibly be the answer to many of the food concerns for the consuming public and can be further enhanced through the adaptation of Aquaponics.